Products - Linen & Hemp

  • Organic cotton
  • Cotton Linen
  • Cotton hemp
  • Now with Viscose also
"Benevolent to skin"

It's exceptionally valued for its coolness and freshness in hot weather. It's strong durable fabric which is stronger in wet conditions than in dry conditions. It is non stretchable fabric and highly resistant to abrasions. We export cotton linen yarn to various international and domestic clients as per their requirements and use. Blends with cotton, the cotton Linen yarns are widely used in Trousers, linen Jackets, Skirts and other ladies dress materials. It is more popular in Home textiles industries for its appearance, comfort, softness, coolness.

Our clients are free to acquire yarns of various blends of linen, like cotton linen, Hemp yarns and blends of hemp viscose and polyester also. We can deliver yarns of choice blends to our clients in a stipulated time.


  • Good wearable properties
  • Shrink resistant
  • Smooth and skin friendly
  • Light in weight
  • Maximum linen percentage is 40%

Available Counts:

Ne 6's to 30's, Available in Single, Double & SLUB Yarns

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