Products - Polyster

  • 100% polyster
  • Poly/viscose
  • Poly/Cotton (combed & carded)

Polyester fibres are linear polymers which have greater mechanical strength and stability than other yarns. This is the most after sought yarn, this variety has a large applications in textile mills today. The market for the fabrics is wide and big.

polyester viscose blends, these varieties are used mostly for exclusive textile production, they give very class finish products, after complete processing.

Poly/Cotton yarn has a wide range of use, they are almost used in every textile mills which produce saree's, salwar sets, shirting's and many other dress materials ,as well as knitted fabrics .these blends are most wanted in market, it has a tendency of good strength, low shrinkage and low stretch.

Both blends of poly viscose and poly cottons can be blended to 65% polyester and 35% viscose,65% polyester and 35% cotton and vice versa.

Poly cotton combed & carded yarn variety gives a perfect high finesse in fabrics and knitted varieties. Most exclusive elite material manufacturers demand these varieties.

Available Counts:

  • Ne 10's to 50's
  • SIRO & SLUB Yarns
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