Products - 100% Viscose Spun yarn

"Everlasting shine that has no equal international quality"

100% viscose yarn available in stunning bright colour's, top finish matt or dusk dull and mark able micro. Viscose yarns are made from regenerated cellulose from viscose by treating with the solution of salt and acid (electrolytes).

Our products of Viscose are of world class standards which are manufactured in a state of art plant. Our yarns are very much suitable for dying and printing because they have been specially treated with dehumidifiers. Which also enlightens the yarn to brilliant colour's. Viscose yarns are widely used for manufacturing beautiful silky, shiny fabrics.


  • Luxurious and Natural
  • Good water absorbent capacity
  • Moisture absorbent quality

Our 100% Viscose yarn posses – Better Drape ability, Soft feel, Superior quality & almost flawless

Available counts:

Ne 6's to 60's, Single and Double yarn, SIRO and SLUB Yarns

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