Products - 100% Modal yarn and Micro Modal yarn

"Ever fresh vibrant colour's"

Fabrics manufactured by modal yarn currently called the as modules Viscose, it poses the busters and benefits of natural fibres and silken soft feel of microforms. Modal yarn fabrics have moisture, absorbing tendency. We produce high quality modal yarns. Our modal yarns are made from strong fibres to give good strength in weaving.

Even after many washes the modal yarn fabrics colour's are always ever fresh in vibrant colour's. Modal yarns are best suited for manufacture of terry fabric, towels and knitwear apparel. We supply high stand pure and flawless modal yarns.


  • Good Prestige
  • Superior Strength
  • Excellent weavability
  • Available in brilliant colour's

Available Counts:

Ne 10's to 60's in Single, Double and SLUB Yarns

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