Products - Viscose wool

  • Viscose wool (Merino)
  • Blend yarn (possible with Angora and cashmere)
"Incredible soft and rich in looks"

Viscose has the property of brightness in colour when dyed and gives a silky soft feel and touch, which in today textile world is considered as luxurious material.

At present JPP is brining this world class material with know-how from European partners. Our textile technologies have educated a high level advanced Science in the textile fields to our prodigies to bring in new innovation in the field. A few years ago all this was not possible. We are now manufacturing wool blends with maximum 30% wool and finest count is Ne 50/1

Advantages and benefits of Viscose wool Yarn

Our yarn qualities are par with European standards. It is soft wool blended yarn. The fabric is very sleek and thus with warmth and comfort with feel of wool. With our high standard of quality manufacturing, we can produce premium quality garments.

Available Counts:

  • Ne 10's to 50's with Single and Double yarn
  • Wool Blend can also be produced with acrylic, modal, cotton and Polyester fibres
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